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"A lovely, heartfelt film. You'll enjoy getting to know Irv Benson."                                                                                                                                              - Leonard Maltin

"Thank you for a wonderful journey!"  - Carol Burnett

"My pork pie hat's in the air to "The Last First Comic" - for letting me relive those glory days of baggy pants, top bananas, and classic, precisely timed, laugh-out-loud-till-it-hurts sketches."
- Ed. Weinberger
"The Last First Comic is a brilliant documentary that should be required viewing for anyone interested in a career in comic performing or writing.  Irv Benson pairings with Milton Berle and Johnny Carson are hilarious examples and a perfect teaching tool to demonstrate the comic device known as "the take."  No one does it better than Irv!"

                                                                                    - Carol Lucha-Burns, award-winning author,
                                                                   Professor Emeritus of Theatre at the University of NH